Holiday Property Owner in Cornwall: Why You Should Let With Select Cornwall

Posted by Select Cornwall

on 30/05/2024

Discover the Perfect Holiday Property in Cornwall with Select Cornwall

At Select Cornwall, we strive to be the ultimate destination for anyone seeking a holiday property to let in Cornwall. We assure holidaymakers the lowest online prices for the same property, and this means you have a high chance of bookings by listing your property with us. You can choose to market with us exclusively, taking advantage of extremely competitive commission and booking rates, or market with other sites including your own holiday property letting website. The best bit? It's completely FREE to join our holiday property portfolio.

Holiday Property Partnership Options

As previously mentioned, we offer two tiers for property owners who wish to list their Cornish holiday properties with us:

1) Sole Letting Agent

Choosing Select Cornwall as your exclusive letting agent comes with a commission of just 3% plus an 8% booking fee. You can either handle accommodation inquiries yourself or let us manage all questions on your behalf.

2) Multi Letting

For owners incorporating us into their broader marketing strategy and listing on other booking sites or personal websites, our commission is a flat rate of 7.5% (including VAT) per booking with no additional booking fee for the holidaymaker. This includes 4.9% for our marketing efforts and 2.6% for card processing and admin, ensuring we offer the lowest prices online without excessive costs for you.

3) Free Booking Calendar for Your Website

We now provide a booking widget that property owners can add to their websites, with an exceptionally low booking commission of just 4.75%. This setup benefits both bookers and owners by lowering holiday costs and increasing profits. Our competitive website commission of 7.5% also covers card transaction fees and taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How much does it cost to join? A) Joining and adding your accommodation is completely free.

Q) Are we contracted to you? A) No, you can rent out your property through other platforms as well.

Q) Can we see our bookings? A) Yes, our user-friendly admin section lets you view your booking history, earnings, and future reservations.

Q) Can I sync my calendars with other websites like Airbnb,, etc.? A) Yes, we offer an iCal feed for import and export, ensuring seamless synchronization with other booking sites and your own website's 'Select Cornwall booking widget' (4.75%).

Q) How do we know when we have a new booking? A) You will receive email and text notifications immediately when a booking is made.

Q) We haven't found a booking system that meets the complex demands of self-catering holidays. How is Select Cornwall different? A) We have developed a bespoke self-catering booking system over the past couple of years, offering flexibility for discounts on partial bookings, extra charges, and customizable booking periods and prices.

Q) How do you differ from other Cornwall Holiday Letting Agencies? A) With over 2 million followers on social media, including our popular Select Cornwall Facebook Page, we attract high visitor numbers. We uniquely offer multi-property bookings for large groups wanting to book adjacent properties in one transaction. Our local expertise and flexible tier options cater to all needs. Exclusive access to our Facebook group 'Cornwall Holidays Direct' is available to Select Cornwall clients.

Q) How do we join? A) Simply click 'login' at the top of our website, then register, or click here to register.

Discover the benefits of listing your holiday property in Cornwall with Select Cornwall and join us today!